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28 July 2011

Storms kill over 50 in the Philippines and S. Korea, rain expected here

THE weather played havoc in Asia with over 50 people killed in the Philippines and South Korea yesterday.

In the Philippines, at least 25 people died and as many as 31 others went missing as a slow-moving tropical storm dumped enormous amounts of rain across the Philippines' main island.

Nock-Ten, named after a Laotian bird, is expected to cause more damage in the northern areas of Luzon island while bringing heavy rain to Manila.

Going nowhere: Cars stranded on a submerged street in Seoul as 400mm of rainfall pounded Seoul yesterday. At least 28 people were killed. — EPA

In South Korea, torrential rain pounded the country and triggered two landslides which killed 28 people and inundated hundreds of homes in the country's worst flood damage in decades.

The floods turned main roads into rivers of churning, muddy water.

In Pakistan, relief group Oxfam has warned that the country is vulnerable to another disaster this monsoon season. Last year, over 1,750 died in its worst floods.

Meanwhile, Nock-Ten is expected to bring rain and strong winds to northern Sabah, Pahang and Selangor over the next two days, says a spokesman for the Malaysian Meteorological Department.

The spokesman added there was no need for the public to panic over the tropical storm as Malaysia would only experience its indirect effects.

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