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Hurricane Sandy latest: 'The time for evacuation is over,' says New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

As Hurricane Sandy approaches, Mayor Michael Bloomberg reassures New Yorkers that the worst is expected to be over tomorrow.

Speaking at a news conference on Monday evening (local time), Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned New Yorkers: "If you are in your home, or somewhere safe where you can remain – stay there. The time for relocation or evacuation is over."
He added that 47,000 homes in the city had lost power so far, most of them in Queens and Staten Island, areas which are served by overhead power lines.
Mayor Bloomberg advised citizens to stay indoors, close the curtains and use the stairs instead of lifts. He said the worst was expected to be over by tomorrow and conceded that it would "take a day or two to recover" but added that, "we'd like to continue what we've experienced so far, which is no fatalities whatsoever".
"It would be wonderful if we can get through this," he continued. "Then we can dine on this "storm of the century" forever, but the most important thing is to keep everybody safe."

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