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Kepada semua Rakyat Malaysia. MERDEKA!MERDEKA!MERDEKA! Semangat Kemerdekaan tersemai di dalam jiwa dan darah setiap Rakyat Malaysia. Malaysia adalah tanah tumpahnya darah ku. Aku akan berjuang untuk mempertahankan negara kesayangku dari orang-orang yang tidak tahu erti dan nilai”Kemerdekaan.” Kita semu berucap untuk perubahan.

Perubahan harus bermula dari diri setiap rakyat Malaysia. Selagi perubahan tidak ada di dalam diri kita, perubahan tidak akan dicapai. Perubahan adalah didalam tangan setiap rakyat Malaysia.Kemerdekaan bukan di tangan parti maupun di tangan ahli-ahli politik. Kemerdekaan bukan di dalam tangan UMNO/BN, PKR, PAS ataupun DAP. Parti-parti politik tidak akan menjamin Kemerdekaan.Kemerdekaan tersemai di dalam jiwa setiap insan. Kemerdekaan semuanya adalah tentang Malaysia dan setiap insan rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin, cinta dan sayang terhadap negara tumpah darahnya. Itulah kebenaran Kemerdekaan!

Bapaku seorang polis bertempur dengan komunis-komunis untuk keamanan negara dan saya sebagai seorang anak polis akan berjuang untuk mempertahankan negara kesayanganku dari tangan orang-orang yang tidak tahu apakah itu nilai demokrasi dan yang menhancurkan harapan masa depan anak-anak Malaysia.

When I was at the Dataran MBI yesterday on the eve of Merdeka, I was asked to do a small speech and I really did not know what to speak on. There were political leaders who gave good political speech. What I delivered was this, “that we are all gathered here today as Anak Perak and Malaysians to celebrate our 55th Independence Day. I am proud to be a Malaysia and I am Anak bangsa Malaysia! So let us celebrate.” That was my shortest speech.

If you look at the above article, that is what I really wanted to say. We really need to know the true meaning of Independence and the Change that we are all talking about. Who is responsible for the Independence that we need today? It has been 55 years of Independence and we still feel that we have really not got that Independence that we need.It is all because of the CHANGE that we all want and it is not happening!

We need a better Malaysia and we need to surrender a better Malaysia to the future generation. The Change for a better Malaysia is in the hands of every Malaysian. The Change can be made in the coming 13 GE when we choose a government that will care for her people. The power of CHANGE is in our hands.

The people need not fear the government,the government needs to fear the people. When there is a power of Change in each Malaysian individual then only we will see the real change and the true meaning of Independence. Let us move forward and make a Change in the coming 13 GE.The power is in the hands of the People of Malaysia. If you are really concerned for a better Malaysia do what you have to do. You choose the government that will deem fit to govern this country wisely, justly and for the good of all Malaysian citizens.This is all I ask and my desire that every Malaysian will come out to vote and cast your vote wisely in this coming 13 GE.

Remember that Independence is not about the political parties and their leaders. Independence is not about UMNO/BN, not about PKR,PAS or even DAP. Independence is all about Malaysia and every Malaysian.The political parties does not destined the Independence of Malaysia. It is the One true Malaysian spirit that is within each one of us that destines and gives the true meaning of Independence. Have a blessed Independence Day and God Bless Malaysia.

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