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27 Januari, 2012

The Wall Street Journal Ramal Pakatan Rakyat Menang PRU 13

The Wall Street Journal  meramalkan Anwar akan mengatasi Najib dari segi sokongan umum walaupun hasil kajian terbaru beberapa institusi pengajian tinggi dan NGO pro Umno menunjukkan sebaliknya.

Kekuatan Anwar disokong oleh peratusan undi kaum Cina kelas pendapatan tinggi dan pertengahan yang kuat yang lebih mempercayai kepimpinan Anwar berbanding Najib  kerana faktor ketelusan memerangi rasuah dan penyelewengan di samping kaum India yang semakin sedar MIC tidak boleh diharapkan membela nasib kaum ketiga terbesar di negara ini.

Tambah akhbar itu lagi, beberapa negeri juga akan tumbang di tangan Pakatan Rakyat walaupun tidak menamakan negeri yang bakal bertukar tampuk pemerintahan selepas pilihanraya umum nanti. Ikuti temubual Anwar dengan wartawan koresponden akhbar berkenaan di Singapura, Shibani Mahtani..

Malaysia's Anwar Presses On Despite Appeal

KUALA LUMPUR—Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said he isn't worried about state prosecutors' move to appeal a court decision acquitting him of sodomy earlier this month, and said he remains confident it won't derail his campaign to lead a new government to power in elections expected later this year.

"The judgment [in the sodomy case] was very strong" and "difficult to appeal," Mr. Anwar said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal at his political party's headquarters here Thursday. He said the appeal process, which began Jan. 20, would likely take at least six months, meaning it could loom over and outlast the election campaign.

Prime Minister Najib Razak
has to call an election by March 2013, but under Malaysia's parliamentary system of government, many analysts predict it will be called much sooner, triggering one of the most fiercely fought electoral contests this resource-rich nation has ever seen. Mr. Anwar said he believes the election is unlikely to take place later than June.

Since the Jan. 9 verdict by a High Court judge—who acquitted Mr. Anwar of violating Malaysia's strict sodomy laws citing a lack of witnesses and flawed DNA evidence—the 64-year-old opposition leader has begun mobilizing support in this multiracial country, promising reforms to dismantle a decades-old affirmative-action program designed to give a leg up to the majority ethnic-Malay population while also targeting what he describes as widespread cronyism in Mr. Najib's government.

If elected, Mr. Anwar said he will accelerate privatizations and do more to enable free markets to operate more efficiently, such as improving transparency in the bidding for government contracts. ~

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